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Ink Liberal is a place for to produce artworks with no fees taken by third party companies and customized shipping and packaging. While bigger companies take a huge percentage of the income from any product, I create my own margins based on my printing providers. 

My name is Fiona! I run Ink Liberal. Currently I only have my own products available but my goal is to provide a safe space for artists to produce their artworks with their own profit margins and unique marketing. I have a BA in Advertising, Branding, and Communication and I did my Master's project on art-based print-on-demand e-commerce.

Ink Liberal is based on the term "Pink Liberal," which was used as a derogatory description in the US in the 19th century to describe those of left-leaning sympathies. Ink Liberal is influenced by politics, culture, and society. I donate part of my proceeds every year to Act Blue, Democrat campaigns, BLM, and more.


I work with a local print shop for my poetry books and several dropshippers for stickers, shirts, and other products. Everything is delivered to me first for inspection in Los Angeles before packaging it and sending it to you.

Got it? :) Then have a look at my store!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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