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Ink Liberal is a place for artists to produce their works without altering their values or interests. This is a place where you can support artists all over the world and show your passion for what they do.  

In the Cold-War era in the USA, a pinko or pink liberal person was someone so far on the left as to be, in the opinion of those on the right, close to communism. We are inspired by ideals of the politically left, which often focus on personal and individual freedoms. 

Ink Liberal is its own politics, a global company and culture that draws on American liberal values to create an identity. We are an entity, a society, and a culture of artists. We are a safe place. We are Ink Liberal. 


Artists and Ink Liberal come together to build the artist's unique profile. Their designs and artworks are posted on the website, then when an order comes through, are produced as a print or placed on a t-shirt sourced from Los Angeles, California. This product is stamped with our company logo then shipped to you. 

Got it? Then find your new favorite artist now. 

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